After-sales service


All Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watches models of Mondaine Watch Ltd, Zurich (Switzerland), can be regulated and repaired at any of the MISO authorized service partners appearing in this register. The watch will be serviced according to the provisions of the warranty when a valid warranty certificate is presented with the watch. The register is the latest available and wil be updated at regular intervals. Only service centers displayed here are valid.


Please find below the instruction manuals for all models of Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watches.
If you have any questions please contact us.



Model  Donwload link 
Date  GGM.D023 
Big Date  GGM.D023
Day Date  GGM.D023
Night Vision  GGM.D031 
Automatic GGM.D020 
Chronograph GGM.D027 
Chronograph Alarm  GGM.D037 
Mini Clock GGM.D029 
Globe  GGM.D036 
Travel Alarm Clock Night Vision  GGM.D034
Travel Alarm Clock GGM.D014
Pocket Travel Alarm GGM.D026
Second Time Zone GGM.D033
Alarm GGM.D030
Travel Alarm GGM.D032
Square Travel Alarm GGM.D014
Stop2go GGM.D046