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For more than 100 years the Swiss Federal Railways have been famous for punctuality and precision. Historically the train station manager used a special red Paddle to announce to passengers and train conductors that the train is about to depart. This red Paddle with its special shape is also the second hand of the Official Swiss Railways Clock.

Mondaine’s original and authentic watch and clock collection captures this pristine and punctual look.


SBB stop2go

Special development and construction

A regular quartz watch runs with one motor to gear the hour, minute and seconds hand. The Mondaine SBB stop2go movement needs 2 motors: one to turn the seconds hand and the 2nd motor drives the hour hand and inducts the minutes hand jump. An important hallmark of the Swiss station clock is the smooth drive of the red seconds hand; to convert this to quartz watch a special trick was needed. Instead of moving each second one step forward the seconds hand moves in 4 little paces every second. This makes the impression of a continuous gliding like seen on the Original on each Swiss Station.

The development

Started in March 2008. After creating of the briefing and functional specifications the construction started. The engineers defined and designed the technical drawings of the electronic circuits. That was followed in the year 2011 by a pre-series of 10 test movements – all hand crafted!
These movements were tested under different factors and then in spring 2012 we started the production of the first 100 movements. Now the 2nd and final testing phase started. The Swiss watch industry lab “Chronofiable” tested the movement’s precision under various external impacts such as shocks, magnetic incidents, abrasion of parts etc.) (see certificate)

End of October 2012 the test was finished successfully and we finally started with the design.

These 2 motors and the continuously running seconds hand cause a much higher power consumption than a regular quartz movement. The supply is backed by a lithium battery that ensures a lifetime of approx. 3 years.

Special electronic circuit (IC)

The IC is the control center of the watch. It controls the movement of the hands. For a regular quartz watch this is relatively simple. All hands are moving forwards together. For the stop2go the circuit speeds up the seconds hand for one turn in only 58 seconds and makes it stop then for 2 seconds. Then it releases it to start the next round. The minute hand remains on the previous minute until it receives the impulse to jump one step forward. So the IC must recognize the seconds hand stop and then induct the minute hand to jump forwards.

The Design

Mondaine asked designer Martin Drechsel, to come up with a design for the new watch. As a tribute to its industrial background he framed the stainless steel case with two matt-brushed stainless steel braces, fading to the horns to fit the strap. The crown has been built as a functional switch for easy time setting of the new and unique movement, which was developed by Mondaine, to ensure clear visibility of the 12 o’clock second stop and iconic dial. The crystal is made from scratch resistant anti-reflective coated sapphire glass.
A true statement for the wrist with a diameter of 41 mm and striking case design, the soft black strap made from natural leather completes this Swiss Made timepiece.

Technical Information

Movement technical data Movement Mondaine 58-02 stop2go
Diameter 11 1/2 ‘’’ = 26.2 mm
Movement height including battery 6.85 mm
Function: Hour and minute, seconds hand with stopping function at 12 o’clock
EOL indicator
Battery CR2032
Battery lifetime 3 years

Movement Characteristics

Second stop at 12 o’clock that is a special feature of the Official Swiss Railways clock
The seconds hand of a regular quartz watch jumps each second one step forwards. The seconds hand of the Swiss Station clock runs smooth and continuously. The seconds hand stops at 12 o’clock for roughly 2 seconds, the minute hand jumps one step forward and then the second starts the next minute round.