With essence Mondaine is sustainable.

And our community too.

Save water in the household, reduce your waste, use public transportation, separate your waste and learn to do without plastic bags. Let’s participate and with all these little gestures helping to create a positive impact in the environment.

What is your contribution?

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I can't believe no one thought of this before! Well done @mondaine_watch

Life doesn’t stop at night - Mondaine SBB BackLight For more information check out: http://bit.ly/2yPe1L2


Innovativer und cooler Umweltschutz. Mondaine​ bringst fertig. Die neuen Mondaine Essence Uhren #Mondaine #recycling #uhren #mode


Mondaine launches the first wristwatch created using natural castor oil. SBB essence, a collection that combines the brand’s classic minimalist appeal with modern eco-friendly design, also comes with a natural rubber strap and a reusable carrying case made from recycled PET bottles. Perfect to hold a phone or sunglasses.


Essence – Mondaine’s Environmentally Friendly Watches

The company have now unveiled a new development with their latest range of watches which goes by the name “Essence”. Appropriately enough the launch of this new range took place at Hiltl’s Pflanzbar in Zurich, which was filled with greenery and lush plants. Very fitting, considering that plant power goes into the manufacture of these watches!


Sustainability is a huge topic in my book and I try to let it influence everything I do. How am I personally making a contribution?


Without a doubt, the SBB station clock is a legendary piece of Swiss design. In fact, it is one of the few icons that has been left untouched in many decades. And since 1986, design aficionados the world over have fallen in love with the SBB Mondaine wrist watch. It is simple, sleek and does one thing really well: It tells the time as accurately as its big brother, the official Swiss station clock!


Unsere Umwelt ist seit vielen Jahren ein grosses Thema. Recycling, Ozonschicht und Umweltschutz. Nur drei Begriffe von vielen, die uns täglich betreffen und uns langsam aber sicher Sorgen bereiten. Denn es ist, wie es ist: Wir leben auf einem einzigen Planeten und wir müssen endlich lernen, auf unsere Mutter Erde achtzugeben!

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