Noticing that in the dark, the time of the distinctive dial could not be read, Mondaine began to seek a solution and as ever with Mondaine, the one it found was brilliant in its simplicity.

evo2 - It's time for an evolution!

Continuing the unification of the classical with the revolutionary, Mondaine has created a successor to the classic and revered Mondaine SBB evo - the Mondaine SBB evo2.

The new Mondaine SBB evo2 has been subtly refined for contemporary life. Its slightly rounded shape with an almost seamless transition to its case back has been ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. Refined case lugs and a new functional crown sit in perfect proportion throughout the whole collection for precise balance.

Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 - from a loc to your wrist

Mr. Sigi Liechti was the engine driver of the legendary Ae 6/6 locomotive for many years. Enjoy the journey of the, now retired, train through the eyes of its driver and it's connection to a very special and limited watch.
As homage to this famous locomotive and to celebrate the opening of the Gottardo, Europe's longest tunnel, Mondaine crafted a special and limited edition of its famous stop2go watch.

We are enhancing watch functionality with contactless payment system

Mondaine continues to innovate with new Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless payment technology. A number of Mondaine watches will be imbued with a Mondaine PayChip™, designed to offer convenient and efficient transactions at contactless payment points. The celebrated Mondaine Helvetica No1 Smart watch is a natural and confident starting point for the PayChip™ installation, however Mondaine is also offering this technology with several other Mondaine models. These versions are sold at the same price as those without this facility.

Celebrating our partnership with Gotthardo2016 with a special Mondaine train

We celebrated our partnership with Gottardo2016 by inaugurating a train covered in the icon Mondaine dial at the Basel trainstation. The train entered the Basel train station where it was christened by the Mondaine team.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1

Mondaine has launched a watch that proudly references its past, while simultaneously taking a bold step into its future. The Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch is it’s first-ever smartwatch. Inside this watch is the latest in smart technology focused on monitoring activity and sleep, featuring Motion activity tracking.

Mondaine Helvetica

Choosing the Helvetica font as muse, with its quintessentially Swiss values and style, has enabled to create a time-tested yet harmonious watch collection. Just like the type font Mondaine Helvetica is discreet, yet strong in the conviction of providing efficient time-keeping in a tempered recognizable form. The font translated to a watch design is something that is incredibly simple at fist glance, but which has little quirks that are only noticed when studying the watch. The Helvetica number 1 with its famous curved crossbar has been used as model for the lugs.

stop2go – From the Station to the Wrist

For 70 years, the legendary 2 second pause on the Official Swiss Railway (SBB) clocks has fascinated travelers at railway stations across Switzerland. Once every minute, the second hand pauses at the 12 o’clock position, creating the illusion of a stop in time – 2 seconds of stillness and then a jump forward, with the second hand starting its next 58 second rotation. Mondaine has brought this magical moment from the railway station to the wrist with its newest introduction, the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways stop2go watch.

Mondaine Official Swiss Railways and stop2go at Baselworld

The moment when the second hand stands still and then the minute hand jumps forward is something that people who have seen it will not soon forget. Mondaine’s Official Swiss Railway (SBB) stop2go watch made its debut at Baselworld in 2013, wowing visitors and underscoring Mondaine’s place as one of the “Top 10 Swiss Watch” brands.

Mondaine Factory and Distribution Hub, Biberist Solothurn

Mondaine’s factory and distribution hub in Biberist Solothurn, Switzerland is the central point from which Mondaine watches, clocks and timepieces are impeccably hand-crafted and distributed worldwide. Since the foundation by Erwin Bernheim in 1951 Mondaine has gained recognition as a leading player in the watch industry. The independent, innovative company embraces the world of lifestyle and design, combining this knowledge with state of the art manufacturing and award-winning logistics and delivery, embodying Swiss precision and reliability.