essence - Based on renewable resources

Developed using eco-friendly sources, its renewable materials including Rizinus (castor oil), natural rubber and recycled PET bottles.

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Big prize draw for the start of autumn!

Win one of 10 stylish Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watch essence. Invest 2-3 minutes of your time and you´ll be automatically included in the draw!

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Mondaine SBB
Smart stop2go Clock

Employing one of its most influential designs, Mondaine has chosen to update its archetypal Swiss Railway wall clock, by adding Smart technology for modern living.

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Helvetica ®

Originally known as Haas Grotesk, Helvetica® was created at the Haas Type Foundry near Basel in 1957 by Swiss graphic artist Max Miedinger and Haas business manager Eduard Hoffmann. Their goal was to design a typeface that was “well conceived, discreet enough and tempered, matter of fact, soft and flowing with harmonious and logically structured forms.”

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Official Swiss Railways Watch

The simple design, the unmistakable easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand have made the Mondaine collection successful the world over. Ingenuity and simplicity are the elements, which often distinguish an attractive piece of design from a truly iconic design classic.

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