250.00 mm

The features

The clock with multiple functions

stop2go movement

The clock also incorporates the famous and unique stop2go function, which mirror the original Swiss Railway SBB Clock that hangs in all Swiss Railway stations.

set the time via the app

The connection through Bluetooth will set the clock to the actual time, and will even change between winter and summer time automatically

temperature measurement

The clock can even monitor the temperature of the room, transmitting its readings to the smart phone

The app

Control the clock remotly

The software and the application controlling the clock are a Swiss development by MMT. The app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free.

Clock/App functionalities

  • stop2go movement
  • The user can set the time via the app (i.e. remotely)
  • Through Bluetooth connection, the app will set the time to the actual time
  • The room temperature is measured by the clock and displayed on the phone through the app

Download the App Android iOS

Download the Manual here.

The app


the video