Mondaine brings you essence

A truly natural design classic

The watch case

Material based on eco-friendly sources - renewable materials including Rizinus (castor oil)

The strap

Based on natural rubber that is very durable and comfortable to wear.

The pouch

The packaging is a multi-purpose pouch, made from recycled PET bottles

With essence Mondaine is sustainable.

And our community too.


Natural raw material

Rizinus (castor) is a natural product, cultivated from the seeds of the tropical “wonder tree” (ricinus communis) a kind of wolfs milfoil. The oil is extracted from the seeds by a mechanical pressing process. The castor oil obtained is further processed in granulate form and processed as a bio-plastic in the case of the essence watch.

Rizinus in watch manufacturing

The material is supplied by BASF, is used, for the first time in the watch industry. Castor oil is increasingly becoming an important bio based raw material and is sustainable and eco-friendly.